Fontana Shopping Center Celebrating 30 Years - Tulsa World

Fontana shopping center turns 30 this year, and, with occupancy up more than 50 percent over the last decade, investors, retailers and visitors have plenty to celebrate. ... Continue Reading

osage nation buys tulsa airpark - the bigheart times

"There are a lot of commercial opportunities there considering its proximity to downtown Tulsa," Slamans said. In addition, the tribe has received an enthusiastic welcome from Tulsa Mayor Kathy Taylor, who is "excited about the industrial prospects" for the site. ... Continue Reading

Patriot Bank opens south Tulsa headquarters - Tulsa world

The two-story, 13,000-square-foot facility replaces the bank's previous base at 1650 S. Elm Place in Broken Arrow. ... Continue Reading

Tulsa Downtown Airpark Deal Closes - the journal record

An investor group closed its deal Friday to purchase the Tulsa Downtown Airpark...A group named 7581 LLC purchased the 100-acre...airfield and plans to develop a business industrial park with an emphasis on the aerospace industry, said Ward Seibert, manager for 7581 LLC. ...Continue Reading

Plans for Tulsa Airpark property include airport and aerospace businesses

The Nation is looking to turn the Tulsa Airpark property into an airport again and surround it with small businesses in the aerospace field. ... Continue Reading

Group Purchases Fontana Center - the tulsa world

Fontana Shopping Center has been purchased for $5.6 million by 95 Fontana LLC, a group of local and regional investors... The seller was National Life Insurance Co. Inc. of Vermont. Representatives of the property will be Ward Seibert and Stephen Dixon. ... Continue Reading

Starting November 13, Patriot Bank of Tulsa will be joining Equity Bank! - equity bank

Equity Bank has built the best in banking, relying on customized solutions and uniquely tailored service to your business and your customers. We’re proud to arrive in Tulsa ... Continue Reading

Kansas bank acquires Patriot Bank - the tulsa world

Kansas-based Equity Bancshares Inc. has acquired Tulsa-based Patriot Bank as part of two acquisitions officials announced Monday. ... Continue Reading